Five Traits of Lucky People

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have you ever known someone who  was so lucky that you are envious of them? If so, you  might be watching them like a hawk trying to figure  out just what the heck they’re doing to get so lucky!

And what would you do about it if you knew what the  most common traits of lucky people are and that you could begin developing them as habits in your life? If you have an idea of how you might use this information, then this email ought to be a real eye-opener for you.

What we will do is look at the five most common  traits of lucky people…

  1.    Remember the Good Things

In his book “Think and Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill  wrote a series of experiments which were conducted to  determine what the difference was between lucky people  and unlucky people.

The most common trait of lucky people is that they  had the tendency to remember the good things that have  happened to them.

So they talked about the good things that happened  to them, and let the “bad” things just be a part of  the past. Naturally, when you hear someone talk about  only the good things that happen to them, it’s easier  to perceive them as “lucky.”

   2.    Keep Working

Lucky people are normally just people who continue to  work in spite of the fact that they’re discouraged or  that they don’t “feel” like working. Obviously, if you  give up on things when the going gets tough you’re not  going to get as much of what you want in your life…

…but the opposite is also true. Luck is often nothing  more than preparedness meeting opportunity, and being   prepared for opportunities means continuing to work even when those opportunities are nowhere in sight.

   3.    Know What You Want

Most of getting what you want in life is simply  knowing what you want and sticking to it without being  distracted by all of the other opportunities out there.

If you don’t have a strong focus on what you want, there  will never be a shortage of distractions that will  divide your attention and energy and make it impossible  for you to get what you really want.

Again, people who seem to be lucky are those who keep  working even when things get tough. That takes a strong  sense of purpose that can only come from having a definite  chief aim in life.

Knowing exactly what you want also causes you to come  off as confident and determined, which often draws the  assistance of people who are willing to help.

   4.    Take Chances

Lucky people are also in the habit of taking chances  rather than stepping back and thinking about all the things  that can go wrong before taking any action. They don’t wait  for the perfect time or circumstance, but they are willing  to take chances when most people are not willing to take  them.

Combine this with the fact that they remember the good  things that happened, that they know what they want, and  they the seldom give up, you have a near perfect formula for luck.

Only one more thing required…

   5.    Have Definite Standards

Most people who never get what they want out of life  simply lower their standards and settle for something that  they don’t really want. Obviously, this leads to a negative  attitude about life which has an effect on your attitude  and your ability to persevere in times of difficulty.

Lucky people, on the other hand, stick to their standards  even when it seems that it is impossible to have their  standards fulfilled. And since they know what they want,  take chances and persevere.

And that’s all there is creating your own luck!

You can create your own luck with “The Secret of Deliberate Creation” – Find out more:

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