Where to Find Motivation

click here to find out more If you are lacking motivation, you may find that you can’t finish projects you’ve started, plan for the future, keep your life organized, and so on.  It can be difficult even to get through your everyday schedule if you can’t find motivation to go to work, be enthused about being with your family, and enjoy hobbies you love.  For many this situation can go on for years and years.  They often expect motivation to just happen and without a natural impulse to see projects through or make changes, they may languish indefinitely.  However, you can find motivation for any project or any reason if you know where and how, and understand a few basic tenets about motivation overall.

Usually you can find motivation to complete projects if you break them down into more manageable steps and are sure to reward yourself along the way.  When you finish one step, give yourself a reward.  This way you have something to which you can look forward before you reach your ultimate goal.  You can then find motivation to keep going as you know you have a reward waiting for you after the next step as well.

Using rewards to find motivation is a good way to keep you going but of course you don’t want to overdo anything and make it hard on yourself.  Think of cheap or no cost rewards you can employ.  Cheap rewards might include an issue of a favorite magazine you might not otherwise buy and an afternoon by yourself to enjoy it.  Or treat yourself to a gourmet coffee drink.  These things won’t break the bank but will help you to find motivation as you go along.

Free rewards to help you find motivation may include a long, hot bath.  Or send the kids to grandma’s house and have an evening with a movie and popcorn at home.  Pack a picnic lunch for a Saturday and go to a nearby park.

The reason that using rewards after each step works to help you find motivation is that you no longer are overwhelmed by all those steps involved.  You know that you’re getting closer to your overall goal and can feel a sense of accomplishment before you even get there.  For this to work to help you find motivation, schedule your rewards along with your steps.  Decide ahead of time what you’re going to use as a reward and note it on your calendar.  You won’t forget about it and you can look forward to it as you go through the work needed to get there.

Remember that you can only find motivation from within and it’s not anyone else’s responsibility to give you motivation.  Friends and family can help but you need to have your own schedule of steps involved with a project and rewards you’ll employ as well.  If you do this you’ll soon enough find motivation to see any and all projects through to the end, no matter what they are and how long it takes.

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